Alima Lee
Video Series:

Films for Isolation

Featuring Short Films by Rikkí Wright, Clifford Prince King, Sydney Canty and Alima Lee, curated by Alima Lee

“Ever since society’s respective shut down, I have been constantly reminded of the importance of community. Our presence is vital and this series is a representation of that notion. Films for isolation includes time-based works of four Black queer artists and their exploration of the self as it is perceived internally. Investigation themes of visibility and home, every piece aims to bring us all closer to the source; remembering what truly matters. “ –Alima Lee



WEEK 1: Rikkí Wright

A Song About Love (2019)
Rikkí Wright
On View April 8-14

A Song About Love explores the complex relationship between sexuality and religion and my personal experience with finding myself within that paradigm. Navigating redemptive love vs. real love.

WEEK 2: Clifford Prince King

Growing Each Day  (2019)
Clifford Prince King
On View April 15-21

Clifford Prince King’s work, the solemn, reflective “Growing Each Day,” is a foray into a necessary intimacy. Known for his fuzzy, bright, soft yellowed warmth in photos, King intentionally makes the intimidating supple. Shots of black men, sweetly, loving each other, close interview style musical performance, and cozy under the sheets sexiness, accompany a narrative about a disease, it grows silently, worsening slowly and then all at once, but human, if not familial, nonetheless – the intimacy of having this disease and sharing this disease, of sharing communion in spite of and through it. This video asks significant questions, and poses necessary reminders, what does intimacy look like when caretaking? What sort of intimacy do we find in sickness? How must we be intimate with those who are surviving, what does that intimacy of having seen the contours of this survival produce within the viewer? What must we now hold, now that we’ve been allowed to be so close? (words by Mandy Harris Williams)

Alima Lee

Flesh To Spirit' (2019)
Alima Lee
On View April 22–28

Flesh To Spirit comes off vulnerable, soft, exploratory. It’s this wonder and amusement, the potential of the only softly scripted, that allows for Lee to play, curiously probing with different inquisitive angles, we see Lee’s camera work follow the tender synapses of her perspective. Here she explores viscosity, motility, and communion, studies bodily detail, anatomical focus -- love, it would seem is somewhere present although, it is critical to note, not necessarily romantic, and not necessarily between more than one person. (words by Mandy Harris Williams)

WEEK 4: Sydney Canty

5 Things I Know For Sure (2020)
Sydney Canty
On View April 29–May 5

Exploring ways in which the body can squeeze juice out of a lemon without the use of hands, Syd recounts seemingly mundane events in their life that ultimately shaped the person they are today in this time-based self portrait. '5 Things I Know For Sure' is a meditation on what is remembered, and what is not as a form of self protection.

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